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Smokin' Doc Thurston's Greatest Hits

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This remarkable set of over 2500 photographs was generated by Dr. H. David Thurston, Professor Emeritus in Cornell's Department of Plant Pathology. Most were taken in the last 50 years by Dr. Thurston as he pursued his research and teaching in international agriculture, tropical plant pathology, agricultural development in the tropics, sustainable development, and the traditional practices of farmers in developing countries. High resolution files (12-20MB) are available for $15 each through Dr. Thurston or Kent Loeffler. Dr. Thurston hopes his images will be useful in your work, in your teaching, or for your edification. There is no need to ask permission to use photographs that he took. However, not all photos were taken by Dr. Thurston. Users must take the responsibility of asking permission from the photographer or owner in these cases.

Photographs in the Smokin' Doc Thurston's Greatest Hits collection bear the prefix 'T.'

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